No technology standards in the United States for schools


According to the Department of Education in my state (Colorado), we currently do not have a technology standard for students. This is worrisome considering there are many other nations with such standards in existence. First and foremost, without a standard; progress and growth will never exist on a measurable amount. Therefore, by enacting a standard in which many schools could follow will ensure an even playing field for those who reside in the United States. According to an article from Krebs on Security, Russia usually hails the best hackers across the globe per populous. The reasoning behind this is due to a foundational curriculum at a young age, not only are they highly skilled but many other nations put their emphasis on security and computer programming.

As of right now, California is the only state to my knowledge acting on this situation. However, their standards are far behind other nations with respect to the knowledge curve. To enable a better education for our students, we must educate the educators using approved educational materials utilized by professional in the security industry in which the educator could translate it into “student” talk where the same psychological teaching practices could be applied to the classroom. Therefore, this will enable the technological and teaching abilities of the educator to further transition us into a competitive digital playing field.

From an offensive standpoint, there is no point in developing new technologies when they could be easily compromised on a warfare level putting billions of tax dollars at waste. In fact, these cyber attacks are already affecting the United States supply chain in drastic ways. We as a globe must take security seriously to avoid global conflict with advanced persistent threats beginning with the student.

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